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10 Generic blue

7th Assembly Democratic Club

New York blue, red

$10.00 ($10.00 inside 4 stick box)

Generic mauve

20 (20 inside circle)

Generic green

21 West Elizabeth


22 East Columbia

Illinois gray
23 AD Unknown blue


Generic USPC red, Burt beige
49 Camp California green, salmon
64 Generic blue

110 W Broadway

Illinois green, red, yellow


Generic red


Generic lavender


Generic green, pink, yellow
A Inc C.I.A. Unknown red, blue

AAC Inc. Albert Athletic Club

Americas green
Aberdeen Athletic Club Washington blue, pink, red

Abrams Billiard Parlor (pic pool sticks and balls)

Louisiana brown, white
AC (ivory) Puerto Rico ivory
AC Arlington Club Oregon blue, red, yellow

Ace Club

Ohio brown, green, orange

ACH/HAK The Roosevelt

California pink, white

Adolph Kroch

California teal, navy, yellow, red
AG (Trade Check) Montana blue, red, yellow, rose

AG  -- Artistica Gallego  (2 flags)

Cuban pink, red, blue, white

AG  -- Artistica Gallego (4 stick box)

Cuban blue, red, green, yellow, pink

AG (below a 4 stick box)

Other USA blue

Agua Caliente (AC inside building entranceway)

México black (nd), orange (5), black (25), white (100), green (100)
Al Morse Washington gray


California red, yellow. blue, white, brown

Alumni Dinner, Cincinnati, OH

Ohio pink


Unknown white, yellow

American Legion 191

Other USA brown

Annapolis Yacht Club

Other USA red

Anona Cigar

Colorado brown (old style), red (old style),blue, brown, red,  white, yellow

aPa (Pittsburg Athletic Association)

Pennsylvania yellow, navy, red
APB Smoke Shop Washington blue

AP del V (Asociación de Propietarios del Vedado )

Cuban pink, white


New York blue

Arab (pix of head only)

Generic red, white, blue
Arab (pix of Arab on a horse) Generic green
Arabian Room ('E' pix of arab 'K') Unknown white
Arid Club Idaho green, blue, white

Arm & Arrow

Generic green, maroon

aSa  (Anchorage Sportmans Association)

Alaska white
AS Club (Atlas Sports Club) Unknown green


Other USA red, yellow

Asian letters (Chinese Cardrooms)

Asian .
Atlantic Standard Molding (Pic of eagle 1912) Atlantic Standard purple, brown


Unknown red, pink, white

B (Biltmore Hotel)

New York yellow

Balinese Room

Texas red, white, blue, yellow

Bank-Palace Club

Nevada black, green, white

Barney's Casino

Nevada dark green, navy, gray, yellow, purple

Barry's Club (Barry Weintraub)

Atlantic Standard black, red, blue, green, orange, yellow

Beavers Club

Tenn. green

Bel Belvidere Cigar Store

Illinois blue

BH (Beverly Hills CC)

Other USA blue

Bi-Plane (Aero Club - Butte, MT)

Montana blue, brown
Billiard Hall (pix of horseshoe) Wyoming red
Bison (pix of bison head) Generic red, yellow, blue, white


Other USA white, red, yellow, blue


Idaho white, red, yellow

BPOE (Lodges #1 - 250)


Bobwhite (Sterling Edmunds)

Missouri blue, white
BPOE (Lodges #251 - 500)    
BPOE (Lodges #501 - 750)    
BPOE (Lodges #751 - 1000)    
BPOE (Lodges #1001 - 1250)    
BPOE (Lodges #1251 - 1500)    

BPOE (Lodges #1501 - up)

Breakers Club California blue, red, white, yellow

Brookside Farm

Pennsylvania blue

Burgees (pix various yacht burgees or flags)

Yachts/Burgees various

Butterfly (pix of))

New York blue, white

C (C1, C5, C25)

Unknown white (1), green (5), black (25)
C (letter in Gothic) Unknown green, red

CA (Concordia Argonaut)

California red, blue

CA (Panama flags)

Americas blue
CAC (Cubano Americana) Cuba red, green
CAC (Cleveland AC) Ohio blue, white, yellow
Caesar Tahoe Nevada  purple
Cactus Pete's Nevada pink
Cal-Neva Nevada  purple 1, black 5 orange 25
Cal-Neva (pine cone roulettes) Nevada blue/blk, red/red, brwn/gld, grn/gld, blue/gld

Calif. Games Equipment Co.

California pink, yellow, white
Card Suits (pix of 4 suits) Generic No dot: red, blue, yellow, white; Dot: red, white, blue

Caribe Hilton

Puerto Rico grey

Carl Kroch

Illinois red, navy, yellow, teal

Carson Nugget

Nevada bl-g, bw,nv,,r, w,pu,y(1),d-g,d-pu,gy,g,o,y,r,sal,trq(2)

Carteret Club

Other USA red, white

Casino Austria

Rest of World Star: brn, p, bei, grn, gry, y, red, blu; Fleur: bei, grn, blu, p, r, brn, y, gry

Casino Comodoro

Cuban red (1), brown (5), green (25)

Casino Cubano

Cuban red

Casino Español

Puerto Rico red, yellow, blue, white, brown

Casino Española de Bayamon

Puerto Rico red, blue, white, green
Casino Gibraltar Europe SEVERAL

Casino Jaragua

Caribbean brown

Casino Liban

Rest of World  
Casino Ruhl Europe SEVERAL

CdeP (Casino de Ponce)

Puerto Rico red


New York brown, white, yellow


Unknown yellow

CC -- Chesterfield Club (interlocking CCs)

Michigan white

CCA -- Casino Cubana Austuaino  

Cuban green, red
CCC -- Camagüey Country Club Cuban white

CCDM -- Club Casa del Mar

California brown,pink, white, red, yellow, blue
CCGTCC convention ANA Atlantic Standard gray
CCGTCC convention Tropicana (Archie Black) Atlantic Standard black, red
Centro de la Colonia Española de Camagüey Cuban orange

Centro de la Colonia Española Santiago de Cuba (crest  on back)

Cuban red, green
C.E. Albert (Clifford E. Albert) Ohio red, blue, white, green, yellow

Charlevoix Club

Michigan green, red, yellow, white, blue, brown, pink, navy

Cheechako Tavern

Alaska yellow

Chesterfield Club

Michigan salmon(5),green(10),blue(20),yell(50)

Cheyanne Cigar Store (cowboy on  bronco)

Wyoming white, red, blue, yellow
C.H. (letters in cursive) Unknown blue, brown
CHC (Curzon House) Europe SEVERAL


Other USA yellow

Choctaw Club

Louisiana blue, red, green, white


Idaho pink, green, white, red, orange, gray, mustard, blue, yellow
Christmas Tree Nevada gray, navy, red, yellow, green, beige
CH Williams Unknown green, yellow
CL Unknown pink, white, yellow
Clover Generic white, black, green

Clarkston Golf and CC

Washington navy, red

Club, The (also Alaska)

Montana white, brown, yellow, blue

Club 25

Montana red, brown, white, yellow

Club 28 (Gil Esquerdo)

Atlantic Standard red, white, blue
Club Athletique Medee Americas red

Club Courage Poker Room (Chris Weaver)

Atlantic Standard yellow, navy, red, green, brown

Club Forest

Louisiana blue, green, pink
Club Mérida México purple, dk greenbrown, green, lavender, dk blue, pink, red, yellow, black, white,
Club Miramar Americas blue, lavender, brown
Club Saint Denis Americas black, red, blue
Club Unión Americas brown, green, red, yellow
Club Unión Panama Americas yellow
CN (Club Naútico de Varadero) Cuban 10 green, blue, yellow,brown, red, tan, white

Coach (Body by Fisher)

Michigan blue, red, white, yellow

Colonia Español de Bayamón

Puerto Rico green, blue, red, white
Combine Unknown black, yellow

Commercial Club

California blue

Commodore AC

New York  blue, red

Copacabana - Rio

Americas 4 blue, 8 dk green, 6 green, 3,7 navy, 1 maroon, 8 orange, 9 brown


California pink, orange, brown, white, yellow
Cosmos Club Indiana blue, red, white
Country CC Club Unknown green, red
Country Club (Reno) Nevada pink

Country Club

Nevada need:  #7 navy

Country Club de Lima

Americas blue, red, blue5

CP (Cuvier Press Club)

Ohio blue

CPR (Casino de Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico red, yellow

CR (Casino Royal)

Rest of World blue-gray, mustard
Crescent and Star (pix) Generic blue, brown, white, yellow, rust
Crown (pix) Generic red, brown, blue, mustard, white
CSC Americas yellow

CSI (Samuel's Smoke House )

California white, red, blue
CTB Unknown red


Texas red, yellow, blue, white
CUE Unknown navy, pink
Cues & Balls (Abrams Billiard Parlor) Louisiana brown, white
CUW California black, ye;;ow


California pink


California brown

D25 (25 inside "D")

Unknown black

D & D Bar ("AL" and pix of fox head)

Alaska blue. red

DAC -- Denver Athletic Club

Colorado Burt: yellow, navy, pink; USPC: white, red, blue

DAC (Dallas Athletic Club)

Texas yellow

Dallas Country Club

Texas U (sq): white; U (rnd): red, yellow (B) blue, green, red, yellow
DBC Unknown blue, red, brown
Deauville (Deauville front, number back) Cuban beige (1), black (4 1/2), salmon (5), black (20), yellow (fat 50), yellow (50)
Deauville (Deauville Habanna Cuba) Cuban dark brown (5), green (25), black (100)
Decimals (10.00 or 20.00) Generic salmon (1), green (10), brown (20)

Dells Club

llinois green, brown

Dennis (pix of artichoke)

California  red, yellow, blue

Desert (pix of cactus in desert scene)

Generic green, orange, black

Diamond Club (interlocking "DC")

New York blue, red, pink, green, white, yellow

Diamond Rod & Gun Club

Pennsylvania pink
DLC (DeLuxe Club) Texas black, green
DPC (Dallas Petroleum Club) Texas red,  yellow, green
DTC (the Down Town Club) Illinois blue, brown, red, white, red

Dunes Hotel

Nevada teal, orange, dark brown, gray, salmon

Durkin & Ulrich

Washington (B) white, red, (U) blue, red, yellow, green
E (in 4 stick box) Unknown red, pink, blue, yellow
Eagle, The (L&H in the center) Oregon green

Eagle & Snake (Mexican coat of arms)

México yellow, brown, pink, white, blue, red


Washington red

E. Brok's Novelty Co. (Ervin Brok)

Pennsylvania red

EC  (Empire Club)

Illinois green, pink, blue, white, red, lavender, brown

Edward F. Hutton

Yachts/Ships  red, white, blue


Unknown blue
El Barranquitas Puerto Rico pink
EJH (Eddie Harrison Joiner) Montana blue

Elite, The

Nevada blue
El San Juan Puerto Rico  

Elk (pix of elk head)

Generic Short Neck: red, white, blue,  Long Short neck: white, red, yellow, blue
Elk (pix of elk head, shaded background) Generic 1: red, blue; 2: red, white, yell, blue; 3: red, yellow
Elk (pix of elk head in black and white) Generic red, white, blue

Empire Club

Unknown. red, white, blue, yellow

EPC (El Paso Club)

Colorado red, blue
Excelsior Club Ohio blue, dark brown, red, white, yellow

The Family Club (pix of stork)

California blue

FB (Frank's Bavarian Inn)

California red, white

F.C. 5

Unknown red, salmon

F Flag (burgee)

Yachts/Ships blue, red, yellow
FHCC Unknown red
FH-JD Unknown orange
Five Dollars Unknown black inlay: dk green, tan, black, green, yellow, white; pink inlay: pink

Flag(1) (pix of Union Jack)

Generic red, brown

Flag(1) (pix of single U.S. flag - OLD)

Generic blue, brown, red, white, yellow

Flag(1) (pix of single U.S. flag)

Generic Braided rope: red, white, blue; SC: red, white, blue; LC: white, red, yellow, blue

Flag(1) (pix of U.S. flag and Union Jack with names of both countries)

Generic white, red, yellow, blue

Flag(1) (pix of U.S. flag and Union Jack only shows name of Great Britain)

Generic white, red, yellow, blue
Flags(2) (pix of crossing U.S. flags) Generic gold, blue, white, red
Flags(4) Generic white, red, yellow, blue

The Flame (pic of a blue flame)

Generic green, blue

Flamingo Hotel (bird)

Nevada #1 yellow; #2 yellow; #3 lt blue

Flamingo Hotel (tower)

Nevada orange, pink, gray

Florida Palms (photo of palm trees)

Generic org, green, brown, dk&lt blue, white, pink, red, yell

Floridian Casino

Other USA white 1, red 10, green 25, blue 50, dk green 100

Floyd & Clyde's Gold Rush (Mark Huntley)

Atlantic Standard navy, red, orange, gray

Flying L Ranch

Texas black, red, yellow

FMCC (Fresh Meadows Country Club)

New York blue, white, red, yellow
F.O.E. 143 (letters, no pix) Colorado white, red, blue
F.O.E. 197 (Eagle over 197) Ohio white, red, yellow, blue
F.O.E. 431 (431 around eagle) Ohio blue, red

F.O.E. 449 (Eagle on front, 449 on back)

Ohio red

F.O.E. 895 (895 inside black circle)

Ohio red

F.O.E. 2618

Washington blue, red, white
Foreign Club México salmon(4 & 18), white(3), tan(9)
Fortune Club Nevada various

FPMC (Frank Phillips Mens Club)

Texas blue
Frontier Centennial Texas blue
Frontier Nights (pix bucking bronco) Wyoming orange, maroon, green, blue
FS Unknown gray
FSB Unknown blue, white
FWTA ( Far West Travelers Association) New York white, red, blue
G Flag Yachts/Ships red
Gastelo & Cia. Unknown red

GBP (Gertrude Blair Peacock)

Illinois blue

GC (Gran Casino Nacional)

Cuba dk bn, bn, nvy,  y (hts, dmds, spds), wh, gr(sp), brn (club)
GC (Garden Club) Illinois red, black, brown, green, pink, yellow

GCC (Geneva Country Club)

Unknown green (gold), lavender, pink, green, white, blue
GL (Liceo de Guantanamo) Cuban red (.75), green (1), brown (2), yell (3), pink (5)


Montana red, green, white
Golden Club Nevada yellow
Golfers - 2 (The Links GC) New York  red, white
Gran Cafe Nacional (Kevin & Robin DeTrude) Atlantic Standard lt green, yellow, blue, red, green, white, purple, lt blue
Gran Cafe Nacional Americas orange, purple, green, pink, lt blue, dk blue, lavender

Gran Casino

Cuban lavender,white, red, yell, blue, green, gray, brown

Great Provider

Nevada red ($1), brown ($10), black ($100)

Green Mill Inn

Louisiana (R): red, d grn, yel (S): wht, red, yell, blue, lt&d grn, lavndr
Greyhound Club Indiana green

Gun Store

Oregon blue
Habana Yacht Club Cuban yellow/brown

Happy New Year (Atlantic Standard Molding)

Atlantic Standard various colors

Harold's Club (pic of covered wagon)

Nevada green


Nevada blue, red, green


Nevada white, red, yellow, green, lavender
HC Unknown brown, red

HC (Hotel Condado)

Puerto Rico yellow

HdA (Hotel de Apartamentos)

Cuban white, red, yellow, blue
H.D.C. (Hollywood Dinner Club) Texas orange (5), black (25), red (100)
Helio San Jerónimo Puerto Rico gray, rose


Unknown white

HMJ or H.M. Jr

Unknown blue, white
Holiday (Reno) Nevada cream, navy, orange

Homestead Club

Ohio red

Horse (Racing)

Generic blue, red

Horse (Standing)

Generic gray, green

House of Hanover (Rich Hanover)

Atlantic Standard various colors

Houston Club

Texas red

Huntley Lodge (Mark Huntley)

Atlantic Standard various colors
Hut (pic) (Casino Royal) Rest of World purple, rose, mustard
I am the Barker (Variety Club) Pennsylvania red, yellow
ICF (Institute Canadian Francais) Americas pink

Indian Brave (pix)

Other USA blue
Indian Head (Robert Eisenstadt) Atlantic Standard red, white, blue, yellow
Imperial AC Unknown red, yellow
JAC Unknown white

Jakes Plave (J.V.)

Washington red, green

JB (inside 4-stick box)

Unknown blue, red

JB (script)

Unknown black


Illinois white, red, yellow, blue


Unknown dark brown

J.H.O. (Joseph H. Oberfelder)

Yachts/Ships pink, white
Jimmie's Casino Club Nevada blue, dark brown, dark green, yellow
JJKH Unknown Red, white, blue, yellow
Joby's Monte Carlo Nevada cream
Jockey Club Cuban brown, dark green, mustard

Jockeys (adver for Little Jockey Cigarettes)

New York Hamilton/Bergen blue, Sloan/Taral blue, red, white, yellow
Joe Miller Illinois seafoam green, orange, white, blue, yellow
Joe's Pool Parlor California red
Joe's Tavern (K.B.) Washington blue, white, red, yellow
John's Place California blue

JSB (Arrowhead Inn)

Ohio blue, dark blue, green, red, white, yellow
JWR (USPC) New York black, red, yellow, pink
JWR (Burt) Unknown Square edge: navy, yellow; Round Edge: navy

KC (Kansas City Athletic Club)

Missouri lt blue, red, blue, yellow, white

Keno (Diamond Keno Hall)

México green, lavender, yellow, blue, pink


México red, white

Keyhole ('E' on back)

Generic white

Keystone Athletic Club

Pennsylvania white, red, blue, yellow

Kings Inn ('K' on front, 'I' on reverse)

Nevada white, red, yellow, purple


Montana red, white, blue, yellow


Pennsylvania maroon, white

L (Lehigh Univ or Lafayette College)

Pennsylvania red, white, blue

Lady (pix)

Unknown blue

Last Frontier

Nevada cream

LD (Le Dauphin)

Rest of World red, white, blue, gray, green
The Leash New York yellow


Illinois white, red, blue, brown, yellow

LGC (LG's Cardroom)

Ohio red, white

Letters Inlaid (CW and TT)

Unknown CW (white), and TT(white)


Unknown blue, brown, red, white
Lion Club, The Asian blue
Lion Head (pix) Generic green, white, red, yellow, blue


Illinois white


Unknown red
Locomotive (Robert Eisenstadt) Atlantic Standard red, white, blue, yellow

Los Patos

California blue

Loyal Order of Moose

Unknown red

LSCC (Lake Shore Country Club)

Illinois white, red, yellow, blue

LVC (Las Vegas Club)

Nevada purple, beige, green

M (Missouri Athletic Club -'M' in box)

Missouri blue, red, white, yellow

MA (Large 'M' small 'A')

Montana red, white


New York Gold, Green

Mac V

New York brown

Majestic (horse head/horseshoe)

Generic different colors and variations


Unknown brown, green, yellow, brown (U), green (U), red(U),

Maltese Cross  

Generic white, red,  blue

Mandel, Louis (pic of 2 burgees)

Yachts/Ships navy, red
Manor Club New York pink

Marine Club ('MR' in middle)

Unknown white, black, blue, yellow, red

Marmot (Lammot du Pont)

Yachts/Ships blue, white

Mask (Casino Royal)

Rest of World blue, purple, green

Mata Redonda

Americas red


Idaho white

Max Rosenblum

Ohio white
MC (Club Militar/Military Club) Cuban green


Idaho green
McL Unknown green, white

Members Only (De Fleurimont Club)

Americas green, red

Menlo Club

California green, brown, orange

Met Club

Other USA brown, yellow

Midway (610 East Broadway)

Washington maroon, white
MIDC (Mutual Independent Democratic Club) New York blue, white
MM Unknown red

Mont Parnes

Europe 11-pur, nvy, 12-brn,  beig, or, r, gry, pur, 12-grn
Monte Carlo Nevada gray, pink, bue gray, lavender, purple, gold, black

Monte Picayo

Europe various
Montmartre Cuban 2: navy, white; 4: white; 1: red

Moore, David California Chip Collector

Atlantic Standard white

Moose Club

Alaska red, white

Moose Head (pix)

Generic Light: yell, white, red, blue; Dark: wh, red, brn, blue, navy, yell

Moose Lodge 334

Montana blue, RED, white

Moose Lodge 728

Montana white
MVD Unknown red, pink, blue, white, green, brown, yellow
MW Unknown green, brown

Naples Little Club

Other USA pink

N club B (Anchor Club)

Other USA pink


Unknown red

NDC (North Denver Club)

Colorado red

NDC (National Democratic Club)

New York red

Nelle Ashby

Other USA blue

Nevada Club


Nevada Gaming Promotion

Nevada green

New 12th Club

Unknown pink, red

ChipGuide, The (Museum of Gaming History)

Atlantic Standard blue

New Southport Club


New Tivoli

México red

Norfolk 39 (Norfolk/ "39" on back)

Unknown yellow
Northern Club Washington blue, white


Unknown red, blue, yellow, green, white
NSC Unknown blue

Nugget (South Lake Tahoe, NV)

Nevada orange, yellow, brown, bl-green, purple, dk green, gray

Nugget, John Ascuaga's

#1&2&3:grn,dk purple purp, crm, bl/gray, red, brn;

Numbers (numbers inside a 4 stick box)


NWSC (NorthWest Social Club)

Asian blk, grn, or(nd), wh, bl, y, red


Louisiana browm

O'Dwyer Brothers

Louisiana Green $5, Brown (A,C,D,E,K,L,M,V,X,Z)

OAC (Omaha Athletic Club)

Other USA red


Ohio white, yellow

OCC (Oakwood Country Club)

Ohio red, white, blue, yellow


Louisiana brown, pink
ODPE (Thomas E. Wilson) Illinois blue, pink, white

Old Southport

Louisiana green(.25), black, purple(1.00); black (1 side), green (5.00)

Olympic Club ('O' with wings)

California red, white, blue, green, yellow


Unknown BLUE, white

OOO (Order of Owls)

Indiana red

Owl and Moon

Generic white, red,  blue

Oxford Cigar Store

Montana white (.05), green (.05), white(.10), red(.25), yellow(1)

P ("P" inside diamond)

California white, red,  blue
P (Script "P") Unknown red, lt. green, brown, pink
P (in a 4 stick box) Other USA blue, white
PAC Unknown white, pink

Palace Club (Indian head)

Nevada #1 pink, #2 black, #2 red, #2 purple, #3 black, #3 purple

Pal's Club

Louisiana cream, blue, lavender

Palms (Chipboard get-together)

Atlantic Standard lavender, green, red


Unknown yellow


Unknown red, yellow
PE (Playa Ensenada) México brwn, pink, blue, wh, lav, red, gr, yell
Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association Pennsylvania yellow
Per Se Club Indiana red
Persian (pix of old Persian smoking a hookah) Generic white (rnd), blue, brown, green, white, yellow, red

Phoenix Club

Ohio blue (guy), red, blue, green, white,  yellow

Pick Hobson's Overland Hotel

Nevada white, red, yellow, blue, green, brown
Picture of a boy (Alvin Bock) Ohio blue
Pines Indiana red, mustard

PJS (Peter J. Sullivan) (script "PJS")

New York white, yellow, YELLOW (LAZY "S")

Pluto (pix of a devil)

Indiana blue, pink, yellow

PRC (Progressive Realty Co.)

Missouri blue, gray, green, red, yellow

Prima Donna, Del Webb's

Nevada grn, br, wh, y, rd, gray, pu (#1) pur, red, brn, wh, grn, gray (#2) (flag/eagle) Atlantic Standard red
Prince of Wales  (double ring) Generic gold, white, red, yellow, blue
PS/LR (Gothic PS on obv, LR on rev) California red


Unknown green
Pulitzer (Joseph Pulitzer) Yachts/Ships blue

Qc ("c" inside "Q")

California black

QCC -- Queen City Club ("CQC")

Ohio blue, white, red, yellow

Quien Sabe Ranch

Texas black, red, yellow

Racquet Club

Illinois red, white, blue, yellow

Range Riders Cafe

Montana black, brown, lavender, yellow
Ray Lake Wyoming brown


Tenn. blue, brown, red, white, yellow

Ridgeway Country Club

Tenn. blue, brown

Rin Tin Tin (pix of German shepherd)

Generic red, yellow

Ritz Casino

Europe green, brown, pink, gray, bluegreen, navy, cream, orange

Riviera Hotel

Nevada (A) red, lavender, yellow, blue (B) blue, brown, gray, beige, red
RL Unknown blue


Montana brown, white, yellow

Royal Chimes

Europe dk rose, yellow, orange, green, brown

Rudy Klune

Montana blue, brown, yellow

S (inside Star of David)

Other USA  red

Sachem (pic of flag)

Yachts/Ships dark green, red



Sailing Ship (pix of sailing ship on the seas)

Generic navy, brown, white, red, yellow, blue, orange, pink, green

Saint Louis RC

Missouri white

St. Nicholas

New York yellow

Sans Souci (pix of arch)

Cuban 1 grey, 2 green, 4 blue, 5 yellow

SBC  (Silver Bow Club)

Montana red, white

SC (gothic "S" and "C")

Unknown red, white, blue, yellow

SC -- Southern Club (fancy "S" and "C")

Other USA white, blue

SC -- Sequoia Club (tree w/"S" and "C")

California white, red


Unknown blue, red


Unknown yellow


Nevada beige, brown, gray, navy, orange, purple

Shack, The

Unknown blue, brown

Shark Club, The (Denis Starynin)

Atlantic Standard various colors

Sheehan Bros.

Oregon blue

Shield (Spanish coat of arms)

Illinois green, pink

Shield (shield w/fleur de lis)

Generic white, red, gold, blue, pink, green

Shoreacres CC

México green, lavender, red, yellow

Shriner (Shriner pix of sword, star, crescent)

Tenn. lt green, yellow, green, red, white, blue
S.I. (Southport Inn) Louisiana maroon

Silver Club, The

New York black  navy, red, yellow

Sioux City Club

Other USA red

Sioux Club

New York  brown, red
SK Unknown blue, yellow
SMH (camel) Illinois red

Smoke Chauncey Olcott Cigars

New York  red, white

Smoke House

Indiana green, pink
Sociedad Libanesa Americas red

Southern Club

New York  red, white

Spaniel (picture)

California blue, red
Spar Unknown navy, red

Sphinx (head, flowers,camel)

California various colors

Spielbank Berlin

Europe Star: black, brown, green, orange, red, white, yellow; Clover: black

Spielbank Hittfeld

Europe red, white, yellow

Spokane Indian Bingo & Casino

Washington pink, yellow, red, purple, blue, brown, green, orange

Sportsman (pix of boxer)

Unknown yellow, white, red
Sports Club Americas blue

Squeezers (NY Consolidated Card Co.)

New York  white

SS Rex

Yachts/Ships orange (5), red (10), black (50)
SsS Snowball's Sports Shop Idaho red, white

SS Tango

Yachts/Ships orange (o), red (50), blue (100)

St. Patrick's Day

Atlantic Standard Rd: bl, wh, red, y, Sq: y, red, bl, pink, grn, brwn

Stagecoach Inn (pix of a stagecoach)

Montana green, green/green pie
Star & Wreath Generic blue, gold, brow, white, red

Star & Wreath (large star)

Generic white, red, light green, blue, gold

Star of David

Montana red

Steer Head (pix of longhorn steer head)

Generic green, red, white

Sterling E. Edmunds (pix partridge)

Missouri white, blue

Stray Antlers (pix of elks head on one side)

Nevada white, red, yellow, blue

Sui Jen

Texas mauve (1),yellow (5), red (100)



Suits (paste-on one side only)

Generic 2 hrts bl; 5 hts bl; 7 spd org; 9 dmds bl


Unknown white

TBL (Bi-plane)

Unknown red

TC ("T" is a torchUnknown)

Unknown yellow, black
TC Unknown yellow, blue, white
TCC Unknown red
TDZ Unknown red
Tech Jr. (F.V. DuPont) Yachts/Ships white
Ten-F Unknown red, red, aqua

Theo. A. Kleffmann

Other USA white, red, yellow, blue

Three Boys (pix of 3 poor boys)

Generic white, red, blue
Tiger (picture) New York blue
Toledo Club Ohio blue, white
Trail Tree Illinois white
Triangle (number inside triangle) Generic blue
Tuite New York green
Turf (pix of horse head) Unknown white, black
Umbrella Child Generics white
UC Union Club (Ivory) Cuban 50, 100
University Club - Birmingham Other USA pink, lt blue, blue, brown, red, white, yellow

UR (R inside a U)

Unknown red, white

Valente Club, Joe's ('V' /'J' on reverse)

Nevada yellow, navy
VC Unknown brown

Victory Hall  ('V' /'H' on reverse)

Nevada red, white, blue


Unknown blue

Wallace Corner

Idaho wh, red, yell, blue, dk blue, pnk pnk (B), bl/gray(B)
Walter H. Annenberg Pennsylvania yellow, teal, brown, white
Walter E. Selck Illinois navy

Water Falls (Lower Falls)

Wyoming black

WC (fancy WC)

Unknown white
W.C. (W.C. in entrance) Illinois pink
WC New York blue, yellow, tan
Wer War (William E. Rempfer) California seafoam green
West End Club Unknown blue

WDC (Welfare Democratic Club)

New York  white
Wilbur Clark Cuban tan, navy
William A. Fisher (pic of antique car) Michigan tan, navy
WKL Unknown seafoam green, white
WKS (William Signius Knudsen) Michigan yellow
WVC Americas blue
WW -- Walker Saloon (Box letters) Montana blue, red, white, pink, yellow

WW -- Walker Saloon (Gothic letters)

Montana white, red, blue, pink, yellow
Y Club California black, navy, yellow, red
Yellowstone Post 4 (VFW) Montana brown

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