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Sailing Ship ("Chips that Pass in the Night")



Seymour code: PT-EM

Drake & Co. was probably a company run by Harrington Drake.  Harrington Drake owned the KC Card Company and Mason & Co.  The 1927 KC Card Co. “Blue Book” (shown above, right) calls the ship chip “Chips That Pass in the Night” and says it is their exclusive design.  The chips appear to be the KC Card equivalent of the HC Evans exclusive “Florida Palms” chips.  The design was made by Matthew Andrew Daly (1860-1937) who was the head of the USPC art department from 1903 until the early 30’s (he’s better known today for the stuff he did with Rookwood Pottery). The chip is, according to KC Card, “the handsomest poker check made in the world.”
Below is from the USPC records About the artist, Matt Daly

Matt Daly obit from NY Times 25 Nov 1937