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The following are links to other websites that will have, if not feature, Crest and Seal chips.  Please contact me if anyone else has such a web site.  I will list it ASAP.

Robert Eisenstadt's Antique Gambling Chips &  Gambling Memorabilia Web Site

Travis Lewin's Antique and Gambling Poker Chips

Chris Hendrix's Arkansas Illegal Casino Chips

Ed Hertel's Guide to Illegal Gambling Clubs and Chips

Louis Marshall's Brocante

Charlie Kaplan & Terry Shaffer's Caribbean Chip Guide


Some other neat sites for chip collectors in general.

Museum of Gaming History's Chipguide

Andy Hughes' Nevada Casino Chips

David Spragg's Marlow Casino Chips

Pete Rizzo's Old Vegas Chips

John Rudden's Starchip Enterprises

Mark Cotton's Casino Chips



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