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The Far Western Travelers Association

1921, 1923 USPC

Broadway at 44th St., New York, NY (in Claridge Hotel)  


The Rector Hotel was built in 1910.  The Hotel was renamed the Claridge Hotel in 1913.  After several misadventures, the Claridge Hotel ceased operation as a hotel in 1940.

One of the most enduring images of Times Square (in New York) is the Camel Man, who blew smoke rings around the clock for decades from a billboard mounted on the Claridge Hotel on Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets. The billboard became a New York fixture for 25 years until the hotel, which served as a location for the film “Midnight Cowboy,” was replaced by an office building in 1966.

The Hotel was torn down in the 1980s.



Article from the NY Times February 11, 1917  which give an idea of the purpose of the club.