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Sterling E. Edmunds


1930 USPC

33 Vandeventer Place


St. Louis, MO 63103



Sterling Edmunds was a wealthy St. Louis lawyer and anti-New Deal activist.  He was a co-founder of the National Jeffersonian democrats.  To the right is a book  he wrote, first publishwed in 1932, expressing his political views. Edmunds enjoyed outdoor sporting activities, including bird hunting.
Iím assuming the chips were for his own personal use.
The article from 1934 below detail's Edmunds' shooting prowess.
Edumund's obit from the NY Times dated July 14, 1944

Edmunds' home on Vandeventer Place


Picture of the living room of a hunting lodge built by fellow St. Louisan, Edgar Monsanto Queeny (COB of the Monsanto Co.).  Queeny and Edmunds were friends and avid hunters.  Note the pictures in the rug.