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Custer, Calvin

1936 USPC

4121 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Delivered: Noll and Company, Los Angeles, CA

The chip to the left (obverse and reverse shown) is a custom chip made at the USPC factory.  I can only imagine that it was made for someone special associated with the SS Tango (owner?, captain?, a special gambler?...who knows).  Note that the obverse has the Tango, no denomination inlay.  The reverse, however, has a real four leaf clover sealed under a layer of celluloid.  In order to distinguish the chip from the Tango series shown above, several differences  (besides the clover) are apparent: the color, the edge treatment (no reeded edge), the inlaid ring. 
Below are 2 other such custom USPC chips
By the time the Tango chips were issued Tony Cornero (original owner) had moved on to running the SS Rex.  In 1936 the principal owner of the SS Tango was Calvin Custer (1873-1956).  Custer also owned part of the Stateline Country Club, SS Monte Carlo and Embassy Club in Hollywood.  Custer died penniless.
The S.S. Tango is pictured below.
Neat Tango items shown below