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William F. Kenny

1927 USPC

44 East Twenty-Third Street, New York, NY 10010  

Good bet that "A.D." in the USPC record stood for Andrew Dougherty, Co. a card distributor located about 7 blocks north on 30th Street and 4th Avenue.
William F. Kenny was a multi-millionaire contractor of New York City (built power plants).  In 1926, construction was completed on the two penthouse floors of Kenny's building at 44 East Twenty-Third Street & 4th Avenue (now 304 Park Avenue South).  In those penthouse floors was Kenny's "Tiger Room."  The place was decorated with the tiger motif throughout and had a card room (Kenny liked to play poker). 
The tiger motif was chosen because the location was the social gathering place of the most powerful and wealthy of the Tammany Democrats--whose symbol was a tiger.  Kenny was a lifelong friend of Al Smith, Governor of New York when the chips were ordered and was Smith's principal financial backer during his run for president in 1928. 

Below is from New Yorker Magazine, October 2005:


Below is from the Hartford Courant, 29 May 1927:

Below is from the Baltimore Sun, May 11, 1928:

The follow obit is from the New York Times, August 14, 1951:

A pic of the Kenny Building today at 304 Park Ave. Park South.  The pic on the right shows the location of the Tiger Room.