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Webb Jay  

26 Star Island Drive


Miami Beach, FL  33139




Webb Jay was born in Iowa in 1870 and died in Miami in 1952. He made his fortune in automobile engineering and was a pioneer automobile and motorboat racer. Webb was a member and for many years president of the Cocolobo Cay Club which was located on a key a few miles south of Miami and had a membership which was exclusive, wealthy and limited to only a few dozen (Warren G. Harding, who visited the club twice while Webb was club president, was an honorary member; Harding visited as President-Elect in 1921 and President in 1923, at which time Webb went fishing with the President).

For many years Webb had a residence at both Chicago, 5447 Woodlawn Ave., and Miami, 26 Star Island (this Star Island address, on a man made island of 28 deluxe residences, later became the property of Shaquille ONeil). In 1925 Webb had a 92 foot yacht built named Troubadour--Im assuming that the chips were made for use on this craft.



Pic of Webb Jay (center) in Miami, 1926

Pics of Webb Jay's yacht Troubadour


Webb racing a car at Daytona Beach in 1905

Webbs death notice in the NYT, June 5, 1952