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51.5mm x 80.0mm

Circa 1886
"Metropolitan Police Carriage Pass"
"His Excellancy the Minister
of the Argentine Republic"
"E.Y.W. Henderson
Chief Commissioner"
A carriage pass, equivalent to today's diplomatic plates, was issued to Argentine Ambassador Manuel Rafael Garcia Aguirre by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Edmund Yeamons Walcott Henderson.


Circa 1905
National Rifle Association
Warriors of 1300-1500 and 1860
Life member's pass
Issued to A. Maunders Esq

36.9mm x 50.5mm

36.9mm x 50.5mm

Pair of horse racing passes for the
Doncaster racecourse in South
Yorkshire, England.
Passes were issued to Egrermont
William Lascelles (1825-1892)