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Biltmore Hotel
335 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017
The Biltmore Hotel, founded by Gustav Baumann, was located at 43rd and Madison Ave in New York City and opened on January 1, 1914.  Nine months later, on October 14, 1914, Baumann slipped and fell to his death from a parapet on the 22nd floor (see NY Times article below).  In my opinion, Baumann's death appears highly questionable.
In 1914, John McEntee Bowman, then vice president of the Biltmore, took over control.  Over the final 17 years of his life Bowman opened several Biltmores across the US and Cuba.
At this point I do not know if the chips were used in one or several Biltmores.  Lacking that information I have attributed the chips to the Biltmore Hotel headquarters in the New York Biltmore.  Several New York and California clubs had card rooms with crest & seal chips.  A strong possibility is the Westchester Biltmore CC.  An interesting possibility is the Sevilla-Biltmore in Havana.  It is known that the hotel had a casino.  Unfortunately I have only been able to find an "SB" logo and not the "B" logo.  The Providence Biltmore (see below) shows that 2 different logos have been used at a Biltmore so all hope is not lost.

Report of Gustav Baumann's death from NY Times October 15, 1914


                 Ad from December 31, 1913 announcing New Year's Day opening.                        Ad from LA Times of September 1923 announcing October 1st opening.


Obituary of John McEntee Bowman from NY Times October 28, 1931


Biltmore logo on a dinner plate


Example below shows that the Biltmore of Providence used both the "B" and the "PB" logo


The Sevilla-Biltmore of Havana used an "SB" logo.  Is there a "B" logo out there?


Below are shown matchbooks from the New York and LA Biltmores, an ad for the NYC hotel as well as a shoehorn from the LA Biltmore.  The NY ad is from 1938.  Also of interest is the fact that the president of the LA Biltmore was Baron Long.  Long was a part owner and president of the Agua Caliente.  Long took over the financially troubled LA Biltmore in 1933 and remained with the hotel until his death in 1962.



The following are various Biltmores around the country and Cuba

Biltmore, New York, NY Dayton Biltmore, Dayton, OH Biltmore, Providence,RI Sevilla-Biltmore, Havana, Cuba
1914-1981 1929 1922 1924

LA Biltmore, Los Angeles, CA Atlanta Biltmore, Atlanta, GA Miami Biltmore, Coral Gables, FL
1924 1926 1926

Westchester Biltmore Country Club, Rye, NY Santa Barbara Biltmore, Santa Barbara, CA Belleview Biltmore, Belleair, FL
1922-1929 1927-1935 1920