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Leon Mandel  
Chicago, IL  
Colonel Leon Mandel was General Manager (and later, Chairman of the Board) of Mandel Brothers department store.  Colonel Mandel married Carola Panekai-Bertini of Cuba in 1938. 

In 1939 Col. Mandel bought the Carola (then named M.Y. Chalena) from Charles McCann, head of the Woolworth store chain.  In 1942 The US government requisitioned the Carola and converted it into a gunboat (commissioned U.S.S. Beaumont)for use during World War II.

Mandel Bros. was also a chip distributor for USPC.  The Lake Shore Country Club (LSCC) crest & seals were delivered to Mandel Bros. in 1922.    Chips were made by the Burt Company.