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George Jay Gould

857 Fifth Ave (now 1 East 67th Street)

New York, NY 10065

Burgee to left is from Lloyds 1905-06.  Below is from NY Yacht Club book 1917

Jay Gould (father of George Jay), due to his infamous reputation as a "robber baron", was blackballed by the New York Yacht Club ("NYYC").  Jay then formed his own club, the American Yacht Club ("AYC").  It is clear from the NYYC burgee on the chip, that son George Jay was accepted by the NYYC.   This is speculation but if you turn the inlay, the "A", which represents poppa Jay Gould's steamship ATALANTA, appears to incorporate the initials of the AYC.  It appears that George is paying homage to his father.  Pretty cool of George if you ask me.  The yacht ATALANTA that was owned by George Gould was not the original ship owned by his father (that ship was sold by George in 1900).  The article below is from the NY Times of December 9, 1906.  I believe that the chip was bought during the same time period in which the yacht was bought.

The Atalanta is pictured below.
In 1930 the Chinese Navy converted the Atalanta into a survey ship.  On 3 Sept.1940,
Japanese aircraft bombed and sank it in the Yangtze River.
Oil on board painting of the Atalanta painted by Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921)

                                                    Pic is George Gould and family from 1911                                                                             Pic is George Gould at wedding of sister Helen in 1913


  The home, below left, was given to George by his father, Jay.  By 1909, Jay had died and George had seven children.  George razed the house his father gave him and replaced it with the huge four story home to the right.  The home is located directly across from Central Park, ultra prime location in NYC.




Life of George Gould from NY Times May 17, 1923


Various articles mentioning the ATALANTA

                            Baltimore Sun--Dec. 15, 1906 (Atalanta had crew of nearly 100)                                                                                Christian Science Monitor--April 9, 1909