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As a collector (not a dealer), I will pay TOP DOLLAR. 
(Cell) 1-732-814-3700     (Home) 1-770-575-3122        Email: RFHanover@aol.com

Do you work, or have you ever worked, for the U.S. Playing Card Company (USPC)?  If so, contact me.  I want to buy your old poker chips.

I collect antique ivory poker chips.  I also collect old, plain mold, litho inlay poker/casino chips. At the top of the pecking order of these clay chips are what are known as Crest and Seal (C&S) chips. These chips, besides being old, plain mold with litho inlay, have a relatively thick, clear coating covering the inlay. This protective layer is thick enough to allow light scratches and cigarette burns to be removed via the use of a scouring pad, steel wool or light grit sandpaper. The surface of a crest and seal chip should be smooth enough such that, with eyes closed, the inlay cannot be distinguished from the rim of the chip.

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I buy ivory Opera Passes/Tokens/Tickets & Horse Racing Passes/Tokens/Tickets
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